Black Oak

Every now and then we come across a floor that we completely adore and one such floor is Black Oak. In our opinion this floor is perfect. As the name suggests it is very dark but depending on the amount,direction and type of light it is exposed will reveal its chameleon like characteristics. In full natural light these boards have many shades of brown and has warm tones. Change the scene to low artificial lighting in the evening and the floor has a completely different appearance with a soft delicate sheen and a uniform dark tone imbuing style and elegance. When natural light falls in line with the boards the overall effect is to neutralise the natural colour of the wood and an opaque effect is created withe grain of the wood being ehanced.

The machining of these boards is exceptional also.They have the tiniest of micro bevels just enough to give definition to each board and are perfectly straight. The colour of the boards isn't just on the surface either. The process to achieve the dark colour is called fuming.With these boards the fuming process is carried out in a vacuum which turns the colour of the timber darken throughout its thickness.Therefore if the boards have to sanded back to bare in the future the original colour will still be present.It gets better! Despite the fact that these boards are made from solid wood they are suitable for installation over wet system underfloor heating due to the way the boards are processed.These are the best dark oak floors that can be bought in our opinion.