The quality of our work and how it is carried out is of paramount importance to Heritage Wood Floors. Equal to this is that our clients have a full understanding of what is available to them from the world of wood flooring. This is not so much inundating them with endless possibilities but gleaning enough information from our clients to help them arrive at an informed and considered choice.

We aim to treat our employees, clients and suppliers of products and services with respect and fairness and endeavour to have a positive impact with all parties connected with our business.

Other than re claimed, if a species of wood is categorised as vulnerable or threatened on CITES and the lumber does not have full certification that it has been sourced responsibly from managed forests we will not touch it. Modern finishing techniques can reproduce almost any colour therefore indigenous species to Europe sourced responsibly can be transformed to give the visual effect required.

As you know we are thrilled with the results.

Lucy and Robert Szechenyi, Slawston