Some simple tips to avoid damage

  1. Never clean wood floors with a wet mop. Too much water can cause the floor to swell, warp or turn grey.
  2. Don't use wax, soap or other household cleaners on wooden floors. They can dull the floors finish.
  3. Don't let sand, dirt or grit build up. They can act like sandpaper: abrading and dulling your floor finish.
  4. Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly. Once every week is recommended.
  5. Remove spills promptly using your wood floor care kit.
  6. Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit. Use rugs in high traffic pathways, at the end of stairs and near doorways. Avoid rubber backing or non-ventilated rugs.
  7. Trim your pet's claws. Proper claw trimming helps avoid scratches and gouges.