About solid wood flooring

The decision to choose between having an engineered wood floor or a solid wood floor can seem quite daunting and confusing to the uninitiated.

Solid wood floors have been in existence for millennia, however a certain amount of bad press has arisen surrounding the suitability of solid wood flooring in the modern living space environment.

So what has changed? Heating conditions in the modern living or working space have changed significantly in recent times and therefore the stress caused by heat and humidity that wood floors can experience is greater. The suitability of the environment in the space that the solid wood flooring is intended to be fitted into is actually the crux of the matter.Heat, humidity, subfloor type and size of the room all have a bearing on the suitability of a solid wood floor and whether it can withstand the conditions of its new environment.

Solid wood flooring and the modern home

Wide solid boards need to be fitted using methods that restricts the natural tendency that large pieces of wood have to change their shape under certain conditions.

Solid wood floors are susceptible to movement caused by changes in heat and humidity caused by either seasonal climatic changes or seasonal heat and humidity adjustments in the environment the wood floor is exposed to. Solid wood comprises of approximately 10% water. Changes in the environment that the wood flooring is exposed to can therefore increase or decrease the amount of moisture in the wood. It will absorb moisture when there is an increase in humidity and release moisture in dry environments or when there is a temperature increase. This can be detrimental to the look of the floor.

Specifying whether a solid wood floor is suitable for its intended environment needs to be given by an experienced wood flooring professional. We have fitted thousands of square metres of solid wood floors onto different subfloors over the last 15 years. The experience we have gained and the knowledge learnt means that we can analyse all the factors that determine whether or not a solid wood floor is suitable for its intended space and environment.