Day to day care

Once we have fitted and or finished your wood floor we supply all of our clients with the equipment and information on how to look after their wood floors. This ensures that right from day one the floor will get all the help required in order to preserve its appearance. We can also design periodic maintenance programmes that will ensure that the finish of your wood floor is protected and enhanced from time to time.

Periodic maintenance

Although the finishes on the wood floors we fit and supply are of the highest quality and are extremely durable, at some point they will need some routine maintenance to maintain their appearance. The type of routine comes in the form of refinishing and depending on the amount of traffic the wood floor is exposed to will determine how often the wood floor will need to be refinished.

If a wood floor is neglected and the finish wears through, the timber can become stained and this can lead to the need for the entire floor to be re sanded and completely re finished. Not only is this more expensive than just refinishing but the valuable resource of your wood floor is being diminished. Although correct sanding of wood floors should result in the bare minimum of wood being removed from the floor if the work is carried out by professionals using the correct machinery and techniques, it is more efficient to have the floor refinished from time to time than have the floor completely renovated.

The new wooden floors you have created are absolutely beautiful; a real work of art and we are all thrilled with how it looks.

Emma Ayres, Wollaston