Sports halls & gymnasium floors

One of our strengths is our ability to renovate and refinish large wooden floors such sports hall and gymnasiums cleanly and quickly. The key is down to our experience, the methods we employ and the finishes that we apply to protect the floor. Having the correct sanding equipment allows to work with speed removing only the stock from the floor that needs to be removed preserving the longevity of the floor.

Equally as important is the quality of the floor finish that is being used and the quantity of floor finish that is being applied to the floor. Using cheaper lower quality floor finishes is pointless as they will always be found wanting and wear through quicker. Just as important is the quantity of finish that should be applied to the floor. We often here specifications of the number of coats that should be applied to the floor but the thickness of coats can vary depending on how the finish is applied and who is applying it. Heritage Wood Floors always stipulate the quantity of the finish that is recommended by the wood floor finish manufacturer for the area of the floor in question. This guarantees that the correct thickness of lacquer is applied to the floor ensuring that the wood floor is well protected.

Line and court marking

It is essential that Sports floors are marked out with the utmost accuracy and the correct colours used. The courts are marked to the sizes and specifications from 
 the Sports England / Sports Scotland manual that provides the sizes, specification and colours that must be used for each individual court. In the instance of a specialist court that is not included in the manual then the national body of that sport is contacted and the correct specification is obtained.

The line marking takes place in conjunction with the renovation or refinishing of the sports floor and we use the most durable two component paints for the court marking. Drawings of each court are produced and advice on sizes and specifications are available on request.

Thank you John, the floors look amazing, we would happily recommend you.

Sarah Pask, Geddington