General advice regarding the installation of wood flooring

To ensure that the wood flooring element of your project is fitted without future problems please consider the following advice:

  1. Ensure that as far as is possible that the building is a sealed unit with all windows and doors fitted.
  2. Ensure that the crawl space under the wood floor has adequate ventilation.
  3. Check bearers and joists for rot or infestation.
  4. Ensure that all wet trades such as plastering and painting are completed and that they are dry.
  5. Try to ensure that the climatic conditions in the property are at levels that would be normally experienced in the property under normal living conditions for that time of year.
  6. If the wood flooring needs to be acclimatised, ensure that the correct site conditions are in place.
  7. Once all the wood flooring has been installed, other trades personnel should be careful not to damage the floor.