Our clients specification was fairly simple. "We want a wood floor that is white, easy to maintain, doesn't yellow, is extremely durable and looks like a wood floor!" Put all those elements together and you have a tricky brief.

Creating a white wood floor is notoriously difficult and many suppliers will shy away from taking on this particular project. Typically white wood floors are achieved by oil based finishes or traditional paints, whilst these may look acceptable initially problems with their durability and colour retention persist. On top of this the white finish can mask all the natural characteristics of the wood.

We fitted the floor above almost year ago and we had been given the opportunity to visit the property and see how the floors are performing. We were delighted to see that the floors look as good as when they were fitted and finished and as they are in the children's bedrooms further vindicates the toughness of the finish. It would be telling to describe how we achieve this look but we can guarantee that our white wood floors are pure white, extremely durable and retain the natural beauty of real wood.