Boots,shoes,war and a wedding present.

We renovated this old Ash parquet floor for a client and their family who were in the process of renovating and remodelling their new  home which they had inherited. New oak floors were being fitted throughout the rest of the building and it was suggested that the old rather tired Ash floor should be uplifted and replaced with new oak boards to match the  floors being fitted in the rest of the property.However as the floor was actually a wedding present from the owners father to his  newly wedded wife and as they were frequent visitors to their old house it was decided that this course of action wasn't the best idea.So we renovated it and as you can see it has come up rather nice.Old Ash always looks nicer than when it is in its youth in my opinion, the colour matures and becomes deeper and richer. The owner of the floor told that the floor was actually reclaimed and it used to belong in the Desborough Boot and Shoe company which was shut down during the Second World War .The factory was sadly gutted as the materials were needed as part of the war effort. This parquet floor could be over 100 years old and hopefully will be around for a good few more years to come.