Chateau de Versailles

 The Chateau de Versailles is obviously famous throughout the world for its size and  splendour but nothing prepares you for the scale and magnificence of the place both inside and then outside the Chateau . It is hard to comprehend how a small group of people could have the vision and  force of character to see such a project through. I recently had the good fortune to visit the Chateau and  I was clearly looking forward to seeing  the actual first edition original Parquet de Versailles wood flooring. Safe to say I was not disappointed,  the flooring is beautiful and seems to have held up pretty well if indeed it is the original flooring from the 17th century.I think it is fair to say that it is obvious that the wood floors whilst being beautiful and extensive to say the least are not the main event. Everything above floor level and anything that sits on the flooring is of the most exquisite beauty and of the highest craftmanship possible. However it is self evident the wood flooring at the Chateau does set the tone and is a worthy platform for the beauty and grandeur that sits above it.