The essence of good design.

Once an interior design concept has been decided a key fundamental element of successfully achieving the desired effect generally begins with the vertical and horizontal, mainly the walls and floors.As we are obviously very involved with the latter our experience in helping clients discover and facilitate attaining the most suitable wood floor for their project  is invaluable to our clients. As the floor is the platform for all the other elements in a room space it is vital that time is given to each of our clients projects to ensure that their ideal floor can be realised.  Most of our floors are made to order or made on site which means we have the ability to create bespoke wood floors individual to each clients specification. We normally always make samples for each project with variation in colour, width, texture and style.However the most important aspect of helping our clients is during consultation.Taking the time to visit our clients projects, designing bespoke samples and listening  carefully to their descriptions of what they are looking for are the key devices in our success at helping clients attain their ideal wood floor.