June 2017

November 2014

Rift sawn Bowden

Published on 1st November 2014

Rift sawn Bowden

Rift sawn timber seems quite a bold choice for a hard wood floor.

October 2014

Chevron in Double Military

Published on 31st October 2014


We asked the clients of this project if we could pop back and takes some pictures once all the work on their kitchen extension had been completed.

September 2014

More than just a commodity

Published on 26th September 2014

Many of our floors are made to order giving our clients the greatest flexibility and choice regarding their wood flooring project.

Black Oak

Published on 21st September 2014

Black Oak

Every now and then we come across a floor that we completely adore and one such floor is Black Oak.

November 2013

August 2013

White Wood Floors

Published on 19th August 2013

Our spec was simple: "We want a wood floor that is white, easy to maintain, doesn't yellow, is extremely durable and looks like a wood floor!"

Parquet de Versailles

Published on 19th August 2013


A new addition to our Parquet de Versailles portfolio.

June 2012

Brazil: Deforestation in Amazon at Record Low

Published on 15th June 2012

Deforestation in the Amazon is at its lowest rate since data on the matter began, according to a study from Brazil's National Institute for Space Research.