Installation & finishing


Experience is the vital component

Installation can make or break a project. You can rest safe in the knowledge that experts are installing your wood flooring. Exceptional high standards of workmanship comes as standard with Heritage Wood Floors. Our fitters have the ability to communicate and discuss any fine details with our clients where necessary.


There is a fundamental difference between a floor that is installed and a wood floor that is fitted. Heritage fit wood flooring into a floor space with thought and consideration to the dynamics and the structure of the dwelling. Each board is carefully placed and positioned in relation to its neighbouring boards and balanced with the physical structures around the boards. In some cases the boards or blocks are laid completely symmetrical as is the case with parquet and block flooring. Each project is different but common themes will be prevalent and our experience and an eye for aesthetic detail will ensure that a wood floor fitted by Heritage Wood Floors will compliment its surroundings.


One of the most exciting things to happen to wood floors over the recent years is the advancement in style and technology involved with the finishes that can be applied to wood floors once they have been sanded. Lacquers are now light years apart from the old fashioned high VOC gloss types from years gone by that make the wood look as if it is covered in layers of plastic. Their modern counterparts are environmentally friendly with a range of sheen levels including ultra matt and soft delicate sheens if desired. There are also lacquers which whilst giving the wood maximum protection, the finish gives the wood an unfinished appearance to create a completely natural look.

Apart from well established classic colours associated with traditional styled wood floors there are now available colours to match almost any contemporary colour scheme.

There has never been a better time for an ordinary factory finished wood floor to be completed transformed to an object of real style and beauty.