Renovation & rejuvenation

Less dust sanding

We have transformed literally thousands of square metres of old and neglected wooden floors back to their former glory and in many cases better than their original state. Their can be no denying that timber is a beautiful resource. Correct sanding and expert finishing will result in this beauty being fully revealed whilst at the same time protecting the floor. We are experts in the art of sanding and finishing wood floors with many years of experience and equally as important we own the very latest in dust containing systems and floor sanders ensuring that our work is carried out cleanly and with the minimum of timber being removed from the wood floor.

Quicker, cleaner, more cost efficient

We excel at the sanding of wood floors it's as simple as that. We have a proven track record of renovating wood floors across the United Kingdom and have transformed timber floors that have been neglected and or badly finished. Indeed once we have finished a floor it seems almost a shame to walk on it. However the finishes and techniques we use to seal wood floors are designed to be durable, easy to maintain and resealable in the future without the necessity to re-sand them. Sanding wood floors is an acquired skill and can only be fully understood by the correct training and just as importantly personal experience. To the bystander sanding wood floors may seem very dull and boring however a diligent floor sander will be scrutinising and concentrating on every square metre of floor. It only takes a moment's lack of concentration or interruption that could lead to a blemish being present on the finished floor which would spoil an otherwise perfect piece of work. There are many different aspects to the sanding of wood floors depending on the age of the timber, its species and how level the floor is. We have a comprehensive knowledge of how to sand different types of wood in an efficient and clean manner. We ensure that the sanding of wood floors is a clean and unintrusive as is possible by utilising our dust containment systems. Put simply our sanding of wood flooring is probably the cleanest part of any construction or renovating works that take place in a building due to the containment and the filtration of dust by our machines and we can prove this by demonstrating how our systems work.

In commercial settings where larger wood floor areas may need to be sanded and the downtime of a working space is critical, Heritage Wood Floors are used to working under pressure of time and have the muscle to commence and hand back floor spaces after renovating them on time with the absolute minimum of intrusion.

Once again, many thanks for a really fantastic installation. We'll send you a photo once the room is completed.

Mr and Mrs Canning, Sharnbrook