The success of every wood floor project depends on a thorough site survey to ensure that suitable conditions are in place for the installation of a timber floor.

Primarily these conditions are the state of the subfloor and whether it is solid and secure for the fitting of wood flooring onto it, how flat and even it’s surface is and most importantly the moisture content of the subfloor.

Secondly we will measure the temperature and  relative humidity of the space that the wood floor will be exposed to. This is important in regards to the acclimatization of the wood flooring should it be necessary and also which type of wood floor would suit the environment of the room space it is intended for.


Once we know these site conditions we can then design an installation plan encompassing subfloor preparation, acclimatization of the timber and advising on conditions on site that will result in the fitting of a wood floor to the optimum desired level.

Having the right equipment to carry out a professional and accurate site survey is essential if you are serious about wood flooring or having one installed.