Rustic solid oak planks.

As its name suggests,this flooring could easily be genuine reclaimed flooring from an old factory workshop.The solid oak planks in this range feature many natural characteristics such as knots,open cracks and a non uniform surface. Many old establishments across Northern Europe in barns,converted warehouses and mills have original oak plank flooring just like these boards.Rusted metal,straps and plates are used to patch and strengthen parts of the flooring but also act as decoration which create an aged vintage look.

The colours of these boards are achieved by enviromentally friendly techniques and therefore the colours achieved are all natural tones that can occur in naturally aged oak.

These boards have also undergone a process which makes the planks exceptionally stable in area's of high humidity and also heat which means the flooring can be used on top of screeds with warm water underfloor heating systems and also outside as decking.

If you love the natural look of aged wood you may find these beautiful oak floors irresistable.

We are delighted with our new oak floor.

Mr and Mrs Stephenson, Wilbarston