These painted boards are a stunning addition to our hardwood flooring options. They are quite unique in that although these finishes look ancient and time worn they are made to order. The skill and techniques harnessed to create these breathtakingly beautiful boards are of the highest craftsmanship by artisans who have a passion for their work born out of decades of experience in perfecting paint effects. Simply put; it is in their fingernails.


Durable painted finishes onto oak boards. The natural beauty of aged oak is the platform to compliment nostalgic and modern classic colours. These painted boards range from the present to times past. You can choose from a floor that looks as if it was newly painted yesterday, boards that could be decades old to those that have the appearance of archaic old floorboards that have the history of previous generations imbedded into their grain. Their are four choices of finish and over 90 different colours in our standard range.